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The Book of TiAna (Myst, Book 2) Rand Miller

The Book of TiAna (Myst, Book 2)

Rand Miller

Published October 29th 1996
ISBN : 9780679444480
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 About the Book 

Myst The Book of Tiana by Rand Miller is a definite improvement over The Book of Atrus.Internally, the events in this book happen before the events in The Book of Atrus. If that book provides of taste of Myst, this book is more of a meal.This book reads like a novel. I know that may be an odd thing to say, but the first book didnt. The characters are more developed, with strengths, weaknesses, and inner conflicts.The origins of the DNi are still a mystery, as is the source of their power and knowledge. But this book is less about how the DNi came to occupy the inside of Earth and more about their first contact with a surface dweller of Earth. It also fills in the backdrop of the first book.