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101 Best Bible Stories David Kyles

101 Best Bible Stories

David Kyles

256 pages
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 About the Book 

Here is an easy-to-read form are the most loved stories from the Bible. Some you may know quite well, others may be new to you, but you will enjoy the all as David Kyles tells them.There are the familiar people of the Old Testament: Adam and Eve and the beautiful garden- Noah, who built an ark and saved his family and the animals from drowning- The little baby whom the king of Egypts daughter found in a basket on the river, who grew up and freed his people from slavery- the shepherd boy David, who faced the mighty Goliath, defeated him, and later on became the King of Israel. All these become real people in this book.Then there are the stories of Jesus: how He came to earth as a little baby that first Christmas- the stories He told and the wonderful things He did- the shameful and cruel death He suffered- He lived again and how His Teaching spread through the world.You will want to read these stories again and again.