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Sociology: A Biographical Approach Peter L. Berger

Sociology: A Biographical Approach

Peter L. Berger

Published January 28th 1972
ISBN : 9780465063468
372 pages
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 About the Book 

What we have tried to do ... is to consistently relate the analysis of large institutional structures to the concrete, everyday experience of individuals as they live their lives in society.With this book, two very distinguished sociologists have given us a basic grounding in their subject. They take as their framework the life of a human being, from birth to death, within the context of modern society. The emphasis throughout is on the individual and his experience of the constraints and opportunities posed by society. And with this aim in view they examine language, old age, illness, work, leisure, bureaucratic controls and the many other factors that men and women encounter, and respond to, throughout their lives.Primarily intended as a textbook for introductory sociology courses, Sociology will nevertheless be of great value to the interested layman, who will find in its pages an excellent and readable introduction to how sociology goes about its business.