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An Ordinary Man The first five years Steven Harvey

An Ordinary Man The first five years

Steven Harvey

Kindle Edition
340 pages
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 About the Book 

Steve Edward Harvey, an ordinary man. He is just like you or me, a living human being. He has emotions, he loves, he laughs, he cries, he drinks more than he should, he enjoys life. One thing makes Steve different though: he puts on a uniform for work, and the ordinary man ceases to exist. He becomes faceless behind his uniform. He is no longer considered a person, he is a non-being. People think it is now acceptable to subject him to swearing, shouting, abuse, screaming, crying, moaning, criticism, assault, spit at him and bleed on him, whenever they feel like it, without affecting his sensitivities. After all, he’s only a uniform……………………………. Steve is a policeman.The story starts in early 1970’s Britain, when RAM was a male sheep and compact disc was a back injury. It is set in a fictional city in Northern England. It progresses through the first five years, as attitudes, technology and the complete social fabric change, as we hurtle towards a new century.This is Steve’s story from behind that uniform. He is but a boy when he starts, enduring man’s inhumanity to man as he wades through the carnage of life whilst struggling into adulthood. The tale unfolds as an incident he deals with very early on in his career is classified by his peers as character-building- it is something that mentally scars him for the rest of his life. The terrible daily psychological effects batter his very core as he progresses through thirty years of service to the community.Through good times and bad, Steve will give his account, from training, to those tentative first steps and beyond. All aspects of his work are explored: the strange, bizarre, funny, painful and gut-wrenchingly sad, as Steve explains his side of the story as to what it means to be a uniformed cop. A raw, gritty, no holds barred account that shows there is a real person behind every uniform.