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Teachers Petit Piaget Carol M. Charles

Teachers Petit Piaget

Carol M. Charles

ISBN : 9780822467809
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 About the Book 

Children and adults do not think alike. I see that on a daily basis in the classroom (when its not summertime!). One source of job frustration is forgetting this fact. Jean Piaget, a Swiss psychologist (1896-1980), talked to children to hear them say what they saw, thought, reasoned. He classified the patterns that he observed and made sense of the progression from child think to adult think. On any given work day, I can blank out and unreasonably expect my thought processes to be repeated by my students--which they cannot: I work with K-4, ages 5-10. Of course, I must continue to think as an adult, but the way I construct my classroom experiences must reflect my understanding of how they think and what they need to reach the next milestone in mental development. This 58 page booklet summarizes Piagets key theories, offers examples of questions to ask students to figure out where they are in their cognitive development, and sequences the stages of growth, ages 3 to adult. I will review this review routinely, because its so easy to forget how children think!