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Battle Cry Leon Uris

Battle Cry

Leon Uris

Published 1965
Mass Market Paperback
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book is for the Marine Corps what Tales of the South Pacific was for the Navy: a great tale of the organizations finest hour told through the experiences of those who lived it. The characters are quirky and authentic, representing a partial cross-section of America at large, and they are pleasingly sympathetic. The narrator Mac is an archetype, a tough, dedicated, professional warrior with surprising wisdom and insight and a deep, melancholy appreciation for the separation between himself and his boys, who bring too much of their civilian baggage to the fight, but yet have something to return to after they finish it. The narrative spans three major campaigns in the Pacific and catalogues the development of the Communications Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment through initial training, the sudden drastic changes of missions and equipment during wartime, and skillfully interweaves the personal stories of each character as it is relevant. It is an inspiring and sometimes tragic story of (arguably) Americas proudest fighting force and the dedicated, courageous, and vulnerable men who filled its ranks. Capturing well both the horror and violence of conflict and the unsurpassed comradeship, sacrifice, and bravery of those who fight, this book tallies the cost of freedom and influence and yet, in doing so, presents the reward thereof. This is, in my opinion, Leon Uris best book, and a must-read for those who would attempt to understand the proud, spartan ethos of the Unoted States Marine Corps.