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Tempest Rochelle Renee


Rochelle Renee

Kindle Edition
162 pages
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 About the Book 

Stormie McClelland has a tempest in her veins. Shes no stranger to chaos, being born in the eye of a brutal thunderstorm that took the life of her father, and left her mother a widow at 22. Life brought challenges, making her stronger than steel. Always the warrior, she built granite walls around her heart to keep it safe, but that became her curse. Love, for this reason, eludes her, so shes accepted her lot in life to be single. She and her mother run Hope Haven, the ranch for foster teens, so it keeps her busy and fulfilled.Don Castle is a prominent real estate mogul in the town of Wild Vines, a lush spread bordering Niagara-on-the Lake, deep in the heart of wine country. Don, handsome, rich, and widowed is sought after by all the available women in Wild Vines, but hes bored with the limited selection of gold diggers and Botox queens. When he collides with Stormie, hes in for the ride of his life. The huge sum of money he offers for her land is snubbed, but that gives him the motivation to push forward. Awakened by her stunning, dark beauty and feisty attitude, Don vies to capture her heart, despite the bad blood between them.During the blizzard of the year, two lives will change in a heartbeat. Don is nearly killed in a hit-and-run, forcing Stormie to face all her demons and put them behind her for good. Suddenly, she must open her heart to the possibility of love, or forever lose her chance.