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Around The Way Girls 2 La Jill Hunt

Around The Way Girls 2

La Jill Hunt

ISBN : 9780739454251
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 About the Book 

If you aint never been to the ghettoWelcome to the world of Deidra Juicy Brown, a welfare recipient from North Philly, who had no bones about how she did it. At 30, Juicy has teenagers who she smokes with, parties with and competes with for the hottest guy in the strip clubs. Although her parenting is less than desirable, Juicy does the best she knows to teach her kids the facts of living a bon-a-fide hood life. Will Juicy drive `em crazy or does she finally tone it down?KaShamba Williams created an unforgettable character that you love to hate and pray someday somehow will change. Though unfortunate, readers will find that there maybe a Juicy around their way.Introducing Precious Paine from B-more, shes weighed down by her moms tragic life. Growing up, Precious was forced to see things deemed inappropriate for young children triggering a harden heart in the process. Precious has mastered a hustle and has made it her business to get what she could, how she wanted, without explaining anything to anyone. Is Precious hardcore exterior being softened by real love pangs?Thomas Long, one of the original novelists in Around the Way Girls, has a knack for using incessant female protagonists.Lets join Lyric Crenshaw and Alicia Woods in New York. Lyric is a hard knock diva whose firsthand accounts taught her that love is for suckers and its about getting out the winner. Alicia, her sappy co-worker, is all gushy when it comes to her love, Omar. But as the two friends interact more on a daily basis, Lyrics mind begins to believe that maybe love is worth a chance and Alicia becomes cynical, buying into all men being dogs. Can they both be right?As always La Jill Hunt, another of the original authors and self-appointed dramatists, invites readers to walk on the softer side of the hood with a look at love.Even though Im not a real fan of short stories, I really enjoyed the compilation, especially KaShambas misguided mother and La Jills twisted love. Again, like the original one, I hate this cover and Urban Books needs to tighten up on their editing.