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発情カレシ [Hatsujou Kareshi] Sakira

発情カレシ [Hatsujou Kareshi]


Published November 30th 2011
ISBN : 9784864520232
165 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

『雄ッパイに惚れろ!!巨コンを愛せ!!』学校の修学旅行で、景達と蘭は温泉に…。お湯の中で裸と裸が密着すると、カラダが発情!!コーフンした景達の蘭へのラブとエロスな暴走が止まらない!!大ヒット作『暴走vカレシ』の景達&蘭カップルをはじめ、蘭のパパ・椿&誠介、そしてショタコン保健医・日村が、ヘンタイきわまりないエッチでイキまくるサキラの絶頂コミック決定版が、ついに登場!!With naked bodies in close contact at a hot springs inn on aMore『雄ッパイに惚れろ!! 巨コンを愛せ!!』学校の修学旅行で、景達と蘭は温泉に…。お湯の中で裸と裸が密着すると、カラダが発情!!コーフンした景達の蘭へのラブとエロスな暴走が止まらない!!大ヒット作『暴走vカレシ』の景達&蘭カップルをはじめ、蘭のパパ・椿&誠介、そしてショタコン保健医・日村が、ヘンタイきわまりないエッチでイキまくる☆サキラの絶頂コミック決定版が、ついに登場~!!With naked bodies in close contact at a hot springs inn on a school field trip, they’re hot to trot! ♥ Horny Keitatsu’s erotic rampage on Ran just won’t end!The boys from “Bousou Kareshi” – Keitatsu x Ran, Seisuke x Tsubaki, and Himura the shota-con public health doctor – all are getting worked up and having extremely perverted sex! ♥The climactic comic!1) Punishment SweetsMisaki forgets his boyfriend Ruis birthday, how can he make it up to him?2) Love Fever Boy3) Hot-to-Trot♥Boyfriend4) Phantom♥Boyfriend?!5) Love♥Fighter!6) Oppai Fighter!7) Himura-sensei no Junan (The Suffering of Dr. Himura)Himura Yuu is a high-school doctor with a serious shota complex and theres only one person standing in the way of his virtual smorgasbord- his colleague, Ashiya. Himura is clueless as to why Ashiya interrupts him everyday, but when he learns of their previous connection, things become all too clear.8) Himura-sensei no Moekare (Himura-senseis Moe Boyfriend)9) Lonely Little Bird10) Love♥Love Je taime