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A Door Is Opening Delores Wiltse

A Door Is Opening

Delores Wiltse

Published February 25th 2010
ISBN : 9781449055929
44 pages
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 About the Book 

This journey is a first for her - writing poetry. This book arose while reading Eckhart Tolles, A New Earth, and is a poetic way of expressing those awakening concepts. Tending to forget things after she reads them (even in school, after any exams), it appears that there was something worth remembering from A New Earth Awakening. Poetry suprisingly started flowing, even though this had not happened before. These lyrics are like a Coles Notes study book, condensing and giving practical applications of being present, creating the space for our awakening. Using day to day, moment to moment examples to show us when we may be entangled with ego, and ways to shift awareness from ego to our real self. There are 16 poems in sequential order, taking us through practical applications of witnessing our thoughts, watching for patterns in us, connecting to our aliveness within, and Being Present (see free preview to get a taste). Every time we can recognize ego in us, it creates the space to free ourselves from ego. She is grateful for the clear and simple fashion Eckhart showed us ego. She prays we can disentangle ourselves from our personal and collective egos, making way for our soul selves to lovingly express freely. She hopes some of this resonates within you as we become co-creators of our new earth. A door is opening to our depths within So let this wonderous journey begin....