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Daffodils, Orchids And Roses Carrie Shearer

Daffodils, Orchids And Roses

Carrie Shearer

ISBN : 9780971397118
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 About the Book 

The mention of Singapore evokes images of sipping Singapore Slings at Raffles Hotel. The reality, as Chris, Sarah and Tory have discovered, can be quite different as each is faced with a life-altering decision. Chris is the model expatriate wife and happy in her role of wife and mother. When her husband starts devoting all his time to a new project and her children leave for summer camp, Chris is at a loss of how to fill her days. After several false starts, Chris comes upon a solution that her husband, Kevin, scoffs at. Will she follow her heart and risk her marriage?Sarah longs for a life other than her loveless marriage to a drunkard who sees her as a possession. When Tim moves to Singapore and shows an interest in her, Sarah becomes involved with him. When they are caught together, Sarah must choose between the two men: one who offers her only what money can buy and the other who offers her a chance at true happiness.Tory seems to have it all. The death of her teacher and mentor turns her life upside down when she sees that she has built her life on a lie. It makes her question everything she believes. As she starts coming out of her shell, she meets Geoff who claims to be interested in her. Tory is torn between telling him the truth about her life or leaving him.