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Josh Carr Meteor Strike (Josh Carr Saga) Kenneth A. Weber

Josh Carr Meteor Strike (Josh Carr Saga)

Kenneth A. Weber

Published April 3rd 2010
Kindle Edition
304 pages
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 About the Book 

Kenneth A. Webers story Josh Carr Meteor Strike is the first novel of the Josh Carr Saga. Written for fans of action/adventure stories who like the added elements of mysticism and science fiction, Meteor Strike takes the reader on Joshs perilous journey to save the earth and find his true destiny.For the eight years since the brutal murder of his wife Amanda, an undercover FBI agent, Josh Carr, has worked as the covert asset of her mentor, FBI Special Agent in Charge Ben Keller.After a large meteor strike that should have leveled the southwestern United States, shows virtually no signs of impact, investigators go missing, Keller among them.An unknown virus attacks the livestock and residents of the desert region. Small, strange, alien insects are found eating the remains. As they grow larger and larger, authorities are frightened further, discovering they prefer humans.Josh, the last living descendant of an all but extinct race, the Mayanesse, who have the ability to commune with the Spirit World, is asked to help the FBI find the missing people and help divine the origin of the mysterious virus.His search leads him to two alien cultures, and the knowledge that Earth is unknowingly caught in the middle of an impending extragalactic war.What he finds will not only rock the beliefs of the entire world, but sets him on a course of discovery that uncovers the true legacy of his people and their incredible powers, transforming him in to a Spirit Warrior, the only hope of saving our planet and the human race.