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The Best of Sci-Fi 12 Judith Merril

The Best of Sci-Fi 12

Judith Merril

Published September 1970
Mass Market Paperback
364 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Comprising:The Cinemagicians by Tuli KupferbergIn Seclusion by Harvey JacobsThe Food Farm by Kit ReedGogols Wife by Tommaso LandolfiThe Balloon by Donald BarthelmeThe Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D by J.G. BallardLuana by Gilbert ThomasW-A-V-E-R by Tuli KupferbergDuring the Jurassic by John UpdikeThe Fall of Frenchy Steiner by Hilary BaileyLight of Other Days by Bob ShawBeyond the Weeds by Peter TateThe Primary Education of the Camiroi by R.A. LaffertyWhen I Was Miss Dow by Sonya DormanA Vacation on Earth by Thomas M. DischConfluence by Brian W. Aldissfrom Journal From Ellipsia by Hortense CalisherAn Ornament to His Profession by Charles L. HarnessNarrow Valley by R.A. LaffertyThey Do Not Always Remember by William BurroughsThe Winter Flies by Fritz LeiberWhen I First Read... by Dick AllenYou: Coma: Marilyn Monroe by J.G. BallardAnd More Changes Still by Henri MichauxThe Other by Katherine MacLeanChicken Icarus by Carol EmshwillerIn the Egg by Gunter GrassThe Star-Pit by Samuel R. DelanyPersonal by Tuli Kupferberg