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Naked (Fearless, #16) Francine Pascal

Naked (Fearless, #16)

Francine Pascal

Kindle Edition
224 pages
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 About the Book 

Just because I want to do something different Im going to write the reviews in a Friends episode format. Enjoy!The One With The Deep Buried SecretsTom Moore has abandoned Gaia Moore. Again. When she receives a call from Marys mother to stay with them, Gaia finally gets a chance to feel like part of a family. Sam Moon is still in his deep struggle. Josh is still hiding something from him, and he will do anything in his power to kill Sam Moon if he doesnt do what he says. Meanwhile, Ed Fargo and Heather Gannis arent what they used to be. Since Ed revealed his secret to Gaia, Heathers chance to get the money is null. But, what Ed doesnt know is the real reasons behind his accident . . . and the person near his might the guilty one after all.Actual rating: 3.5/5 starsAnother one that I didnt enjoy as much. Wheres the action that made me fall in love with these books? Wheres the depth? Oh whom am I kidding? These books are suffering because they were stretched far too long for its own good. Dont get me wrong, I still like Gaia. Shes still my favorite character of this series.Ed and Heather make the most awful couple. I hate Heather and its selfish, hypocrite ways. These two together remind me of a Hispanic TV couple. Oh, yeah! I remember- La Familia Peluche. I really dont want to explain the whole plot of the show, but Ill explain you this: The main couple is pretty much dysfunctional. The guy is always humiliated by his wife- always being told what to do, always being insulted. The wife is pretty much a hypocrite and acts like everything is the guys fault. When it is her fault, she always twists around so the guy gets the blame. The only difference is that in that show, that relationship is played for comedy. Ed and Heathers relationship just makes me so fucking sad. I feel very sorry for Ed that he has to deal with her nagging, hypocrite, lying ass. Did you know that Heather was the real reason why Ed was in a wheelchair on the first place? That settles it.Im glad Ed dumped her.And Sam Moon, like always, pisses me off. But thats another story.