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The Stranger: The Labyrinths Of Echo: Book One Max Frei

The Stranger: The Labyrinths Of Echo: Book One

Max Frei

Published July 23rd 2009
Kindle Edition
548 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

-I have read it in Russian first. And was really looking forward to read it english. When I did I was very disappointed, since book heavily relies on dialogs and funny moments related to the differences of idioms in Echo in comparison to then Max is used to, a creative translation was absolutely crucial and it was not done so the final product is bellow 0 for me. Moreover after translation book turned so impersonal it is almost impossible to connect to the main character, this probably due to the fact that the personality of Max was in original book conveyed by his use of language and in translated version this peculiarities were eliminated.-two examples of what I think is a bad translationa)vampire under your blanket -firstly it is not a vampire but a [vurdolag:], which is a generic term for monster(although archaically it meant a vampire), secondly it is based on Russiandevil under your blanket, which is a mild form of curse, but since nobody in Echo knows WHAT is devil Max have to use a word monster. Perhaps if an english curse with word devil would have been used in a similar fashion it would have made much more senseb)In a translated version Max shouts liquidated to Lonli-Lokli, in response to which Shurf produces streams of water, explaining himself by saying that he have thought that the order was to liquify .It is not convincing, considering that the character of Lonli-Lokli, usually makes no mistakes.In russian water uporliquify, is a slang term meaning to kill and of-course Surf is unfamiliar, with russian slang, so his reaction is only natural .In my opinion if something like cook him from Max, followed by Lonli-Lokli pouring vegetables and spices on the head of dead magician, would make more sense and stay true to the spirit of original writingthere are a lot more