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Work in Care for the Elderly Timo Sinervo

Work in Care for the Elderly

Timo Sinervo

Published 2000
361 pages
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 About the Book 

In Finland care for the elderly continues to face relentless pressure for change. Improved and personalized services are demanded, while patients are even more dependent. Working in care for the elderly has become more stressful, the physical load has increased and more and more skills are needed. Despite the variety of problems activities in organizations are frequently analysed from a single perspective: as working environments, job satisfaction, cultures of the terms of skills and knowledge needed. The power of development may be wasted if the physical or psychological overload on employees is ignored or the strength of the established organizational culture is not realized. The primary aim of this study was to analyse work in care for the elderly from different theoretical perspectives. The major emphasis was on well-being of workers, but a broader understanding was attempted from the cognitive and cultural perspectives. Using a questionnaire survey to personnel, interviews of employees and measurements of patients functional abilities the study revealed relationships between job design, psychological stress, job satisfaction and musculoskeletal symptoms. In addition, the importance of work orientations was emphasized.