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The Story Keepers, Vol. 5 Andrew Melrose

The Story Keepers, Vol. 5

Andrew Melrose

Published February 1st 2008
ISBN : 9780310716570
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In Betrayal, Ben the Baker is attempting to smuggle Miriams parents to his home, but when the Roman guard stops him at a checkpoint, his precious cargo is revealed. Antonius, the miller, betrays Ben to the Roman authorities. He tells them about Tacticus, Mariam and her parents-- all of the Christians Ben is hiding. Before the Romans make it to the house, Ben leads his friends to the safety of the Roman catacombs. In the meantime, the Romans find Helena and the children at Bens house. They want to know where Ben is and where he is hiding all of the Christians. Throughout the hair raising journey, the storytellers are able to share many stories about the Christ they serve. Antonius betrayal reminds Zak of Judas betrayal. Marcus gift of his favorite stuffed animal lions remind Helen of Mary Magdalenes gift of perfume to Jesus. Together, the Storytellers make their way from one dangerous adventure to another in the service of their king.In Nabbed by Nero, Ben professes his faith before Nero, as Helena and the Storykeepers devise a plan to rescue him from the dangerous Emperor while delivering their Christian friends to the safety of a smugglers ship. When Ben, Justin and Marcus are arrested while trying to escape the catacombs, it is up to Helena to deliver the remaining Christians to a ship that will smuggle them to safety. Meanwhile, at trial before Nero, the evil Roman emperor, Ben is unable to deny his faith in Jesus. Now it is a race against time for Helena, with the help of her friend, Senator Patronius and a group of very determined Storykeepers, to save Ben before he is put to death for his faith. But the Storykeepers wont have to work alone. They learn that God can send help from the most unexpected places when a blast from Cyrus past shows up at the last minute.